MoltexFLEX flies the flag once again at NIA Nuclear 2023

Warrington, UK (1st December 2023) – British advanced nuclear technology (ANT) developer MoltexFLEX is once again proud to be sponsoring and taking part in the UK Nuclear Industry Association’s (NIA’s) annual conference next week.

The flagship conference, which takes place on 7th December at County Hall, London, is the premier event in the British nuclear calendar. Now in its 23rd year, the conference will feature a wide range of industry-leading speakers, including MoltexFLEX’s Director of Commercial Development Tris Denton.

In addition to his work for MoltexFLEX, Denton is Chair of the NIA’s working group on ANTs. He will be part of a panel discussing how ANTs such as MoltexFLEX’s FLEX reactor and other small modular designs can be manufactured and built in the UK. Denton will be speaking alongside Alasdair Harper, Deputy Director of Advanced Nuclear Policy & Delivery at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, as well as other representatives from leading ANT developers.

“Not only has 2023 been a hugely successful year for MoltexFLEX, but it has also been a great year for ANTs,” said Denton. “Government and industry alike have acknowledged the potential that advanced and small modular technologies, such as our FLEX reactor, can bring to businesses and households within Britain and around the globe. I am proud to be taking part in the conversation around these technologies as we move into 2024 and beyond.”

Nuclear 2023 will be a fitting climax for MoltexFLEX’s past 12 months, capping a period of significant progress for the company. The FLEX reactor design has been refined to the point where MoltexFLEX is ready to transition from the concept development phase to the detailed design and engineering phase, while remaining on course to deliver on its target of low-cost flexible energy.

The technical progress has seen the company garner significant interest from potential clients interested in hosting a first-of-a-kind reactor or investing in subsequent production line units. MoltexFLEX, and the development work the company is undertaking in its Warrington laboratory, has also captured the interest of cabinet ministers, members of the House of Lords, and national print and broadcast media.

The UK Government has recognised the company’s potential with the award of a £1.3 million research grant to establish a production line process to manufacture the FLEX reactor’s molten salt fuel, and MoltexFLEX is on track for even more success in the coming year.

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About MoltexFLEX     
MoltexFLEX, a subsidiary of Moltex Energy Limited, is based in Warrington, UK. It is developing the FLEX reactor – an advanced small modular reactor which together with the GridReserve® molten salt thermal energy storage system delivers clean, flexible, and low-cost electricity and high temperature heat. MoltexFLEX plans to have the first FLEX reactor operational around the turn of the decade. For more information, visit

About the Nuclear Industry Association
As the trade association for the civil nuclear industry in the UK, the Nuclear Industry Association represents around 270 companies across the UK’s nuclear supply chain. For more details, visit

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