The world needs flexible energy to complement renewables.

At MoltexFLEX, we are developing a nuclear reactor that can deliver clean energy for numerous applications when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't shining.

The FLEX reactor can meet the global demand for clean, low-cost, flexible energy. This energy is ideal for:

Dispatchable electricity

Hydrogen production

Industrial and district heating

Marine propulsion

Water desalination

MoltexFLEX – Flexible energy to deliver net zero

By drastically rethinking how we use nuclear technologies alongside renewables, we can create a reliable, flexible energy supply.

We are a UK-based team of scientists and engineers, focused on the dual challenges of climate change: clean energy at an affordable cost.

We have designed a very simple nuclear reactor that uses a fission reaction to produce high-temperature heat.

Our approach is to use the natural properties of the materials, tuning the chemistry and physics so that the reaction happens simply and safely. This isn’t complex engineering and sophisticated systems; it’s about the elegant application of science. This means that our reactor uses standard materials, has no moving parts and is inherently safe. It is easy to construct, install and operate, leading to low costs – lower than for coal, oil or gas.

The heat of the FLEX reactor can:

  • make electricity;
  • replace fossil fuels in industries that need high temperatures; and
  • produce hydrogen, as a replacement for gas or as the feedstock for new synthetic fuels.

These simple devices will contribute to every aspect of decarbonisation and on any scale – from single units to large arrays, from tens to thousands of megawatts. They will power data centres, desalination plants, steel foundries, or whole nations.

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