MoltexFLEX technology gets Warrington MP’s vote

Warrington, UK (February 27, 2023) – Advanced nuclear technology developer MoltexFLEX was happy to welcome Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, to its laboratory on Friday.

MoltexFLEX’s Birchwood Park facility neighbours Carter’s constituency and many of his constituents work on the Park or in the nuclear industry. He is a keen supporter of nuclear power.

Carter toured the laboratory and was impressed to see the technology being developed by MoltexFLEX. He was shown corrosion control tests, test loops for salt flow, and he spoke at length with members of the development team, including lead chemist Phil Quayle, and other chemists, metallurgists and engineers.

He was particularly interested in watching a live demonstration of molten salt heated to over 700°C being poured in its liquid state and then rapidly solidifying. 

Carter also learned more about the FLEX reactor, which employs the company’s unique, patented molten salt technology for fuel, cooling and heat storage.

The MoltexFLEX lab was established in summer 2021 Since then, the company’s research activities have significantly scaled up, with new facilities such as a scanning electron microscope for high magnification examination of corrosion test samples, and the first halide salt compatible rheometer in the country to measure the viscosity and density of molten salt operating at temperatures up to 1,200°C.

David Landon, CEO of MoltexFLEX, said: “It was a great pleasure to welcome Andy to our lab to see first hand the work we are performing on making the FLEX reactor a reality, and our team enjoyed telling him about our research. It was also encouraging to hear Andy speak about the priority the government is placing on energy security and affordability.”

About MoltexFLEX 

MoltexFLEX is a subsidiary of Moltex Energy Limited, with its headquarters in Warrington, UK. It is developing the FLEX reactor – an advanced nuclear reactor which delivers clean, low-cost and reliable energy that complements renewables such as wind and solar. MoltexFLEX plans to have its first reactor operational by 2029. For more information, visit

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