MoltexFLEX bolsters team to boost growth in 2023

Warrington, UK (January 9, 2023) – Advanced nuclear technology developer MoltexFLEX is set to continue its growth and development throughout 2023, with several high-profile team members joining the company.  

After its successful launch in September 2022, MoltexFLEX has recruited a number of highly experienced nuclear industry professionals to key roles. The new personnel will help the company achieve its goal of building the first FLEX molten salt reactor by the end of the decade.

Two new employees in particular have a major reputation within the industry: Chris Hankinson, who joined the team in November 2022 as Head of Engineering; and Tristram Denton, who joins the team this month as Commercial Development Director.

Hankinson has over 40 years of experience in projects requiring complex engineering, with six patents to his name. He has held many senior roles including Head of Engineering for Rolls-Royce’s civil nuclear division, and Chief Engineer for Atkins. He is also a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

“I’m thrilled to have joined MoltexFLEX,” Hankinson said. “The FLEX reactor is a terrific design with tremendous potential, and represents a fascinating engineering challenge. I’m very happy to be working with the team and making the company’s technology a reality.”

Denton has over 15 years of experience in the nuclear industry. He joins MoltexFLEX from the UK Atomic Energy Authority, where he led commercial and programme development for the STEP fusion project for the past three years. This included programme enablers, site selection and development planning. Before this, he held various senior roles in the nuclear industry with Hitachi, Horizon and the Nuclear Industry Association.

“MoltexFLEX has committed itself to the goal of delivering the first FLEX reactor by the 2030s. This means securing finance to build it, and a site to build on,” said Denton. “I’m very much looking forward to working with the company to tackle these challenges.”

The company is planning more significant expansion during 2023 and beyond, with aims for a fourfold increase in staff size over the next two years.

David Landon, MoltexFLEX CEO, said: “This major influx of talent will give MoltexFLEX significant new horsepower both in its engineering expertise and its commercial development. It also shows that the company’s technology and approach are sufficiently impressive to attract the cream of the British nuclear industry.”

About MoltexFLEX 

MoltexFLEX is a subsidiary of Moltex Energy Limited, with its headquarters in Warrington, UK. It has developed the FLEX reactor – an advanced nuclear reactor which delivers clean, low-cost and reliable energy that complements renewables such as wind and solar. MoltexFLEX plans to have its first reactor operational by 2029. For more information, visit  

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