Local MP impressed by MoltexFLEX progress

Warrington, UK (January 16, 2023) – Advanced nuclear technology developer  MoltexFLEX once again played host to local MP Charlotte Nichols when she visited our Birchwood Park laboratory on Friday.  

Nichols received a tour of the expanded laboratory and spoke at length with members of the research team, including lead chemist Phil Quayle, metallurgist Ciara Fox and development engineer Eldar Rahimov. 

Member of Parliament for the Warrington North constituency, Nichols first visited the MoltexFLEX lab in November 2021. Since then, the company’s research activities have been significantly scaled up, with new facilities such as a scanning electron microscope to minutely examine corrosion test samples.  

Nichols also learned more about the FLEX reactor, MoltexFLEX’s design for a small modular reactor that employs the company’s unique, patented molten salt technology for fuel, cooling and heat storage.  

“I was very impressed by the progress that MoltexFLEX has made in its research,” Nichols said. “It’s very exciting to see the work taking place in my constituency to address climate change and help the UK meet its net zero goals.” 

David Landon, CEO of MoltexFLEX, said: “It was a great pleasure to welcome Charlotte back to our lab to see firsthand the work we are performing to make the FLEX reactor a reality.” 

About MoltexFLEX   

MoltexFLEX is a subsidiary of Moltex Energy Limited, with its headquarters in Warrington, UK. It has developed the FLEX reactor – an advanced nuclear reactor which delivers clean, low-cost and reliable energy that complements renewables such as wind and solar. MoltexFLEX plans to have its first reactor operational by 2029. For more information, visit www.moltexflex.com.  

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